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Molting Season

September 9th, 2008 1 Comment

Here is a note to birders who may be confused identifying birds.

Right now it is molting season. The season were juveniles turn into adults. And the season were birds change there feathers. This is called molting. Some birds molt to simply get a new batch of feathers; others molt to change there feathers. Such is the case with baby birds turning into adults. It is a little harder to ID birds if there molting and you don’t into that consideration. For example, a few days ago my dad was leaving for work, and as we are saying good-bye we see a weird looking bird. It had a VERY short tail, it was hard to tell the color, and it had a long black, blackbird-type beak. At fist glance, I thought it was a Meadowlark. But when I looked closer is saw it was just a molting male Great-tailed Grackle. So just be careful not to be to hasty with identifing birds, espesially in this season.