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It’s touching to see little birds grow up into adults. Such is the case with the Mockingbirds. I have seen them from when they were babies to juveniles. They have gone from completely dependent upon momma to more independent by trying there food-getting techniques. What is also touching is that the Mockingbird parents chose our yard to support there babies, and soon, maybe those babies will raise families and search for food in our yard.

A picture will be here soon. :-)

This morning I was watching a Mockingbird apparently feeding something. I looked through my binoculars and I discovered it was a really young Mockingbird. Me and my sisters went outside to get better pictures. Every few feet we took a picture until we were about 3 feet away. That’s when I took this amazing picture. I have another picture that is focused more on the head. If you would like to post it then leave a comment.