Red-tailed Hawk Makes Appearance

June 11th, 2008 Comments Off on Red-tailed Hawk Makes Appearance

A long time ago, I read that Blue Jays, though they are pests, can assist in knowing if a hawk or eagle is around. The Blue Jays will usually start screeching. With that in mind, today I heard Blue Jays going CRAZY up in our tallest tree. To look up I had to bend down (far) and look up. When I finally get into a comfortable position and I study the situation-5 to 8 Blue Jays (screeching and dive-bombing hawk), 1 squirrel (apparently dead), 1 Red-tailed Hawk (devouring squirrel). Actually, I wasn’t able to ID the hawk until it flew away. While the hawk was around, My sister noticed a LIVING squirrel hiding and still as a statue plus petrified. I got a little worried about the small songbirds when the hawk came 4-5 times. eak!


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