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Me and my dad went to Arbor Hills Nature Preserve today and a after 10 minutes walking, I heard the Painted Bunting. We followed the sound until we saw it in a tree. We got several pictures until it flew away. We heard it at other times during our walk along with the Indigo Bunting.

Arbor Hills Outing

May 4th, 2008 Comments Off on Arbor Hills Outing

We started walking, then by a pond, I heard a Painted Bunting. I followed the sound with my dad armed with his “Gun Lens”, that’s what I called it, and he took some wonderful pictures. While walking on a ’round-the-perimeter-of-the-preserve-detour we heard the Painted and followed it’s sound, then, it flew away. As we were waiting for it to sing, we heard the Indigo Bunting. But we were to tired to trudge through knee-high weed to find a bird who can fly through the sky with the greatest of ease, so we didn’t. But we did see (and hear) other birds. Towards the end of our energy-consuming exploration, we saw a Turkey Vulture fly over our heads while we were awestruck as it glided, only flapping once. Just as this bird was about to glide out of sight two others came and joined it as we watched for ten minuets. They probably wanted lunch but we couldn’t smell anything. Italicized birds are bird heard only.

Painted Bunting

Indigo Bunting

Northern Cardinal

European Starling

Blue Jay

Northern Mockingbird

Turkey Vulture

Curve-billed Thrasher ?